24 careful ways to avoid damage in Monsoon rains

Monsoon is in full swing in different area today and humidity are high during such a season, due to which various kinds of insects and reptiles come out of their burrows. In such a situation, there is a dire need for some precautionary measures to avoid sudden pain. 

Following some way you can protect yourself in damages of Monsoon

  1. Always wash your clothes and shoes and wear them, wash your clothes three times.
  2. Do not put your washed or dirty clothes in the bathroom.
  3. Don’t keep laundry baskets or tubs in bathrooms, and if you have to, try to keep them covered.
  4. Use household cleaning products such as a broom or mop to sweep the floor and cleaning cloth.
  5. Take care of things in the garage, yard or corridor.
  6. Do not walk barefoot.
  7. Close the mouth of drainage and pipes in the house well with nets.
  8. Do not keep anything uncovered in the kitchen, especially at night.
  9. Also keep water containers and food items covered.
  10. Do not leave any food on the floor at night.
  11. If there are bricks, stones, etc. in the yard, garage, roof or any other place and they have to be removed, remove them very carefully because such places are very popular for insects.
  12. Keep the insecticide mixture ready in a large bottle and spray as needed. Attach a spray nozzle on top of the bottle which is easily available in the market. Write on the top of the bottle what is in it and keep it out of the reach of children.
  13. Carefully clean the corners of the house and under sofas, beds, etc.
  14. Do not consume water or any food without checking.
  15. Do not leave cupboards in the house open after removing or storing things.
  16. If clothes have been lying in a closet for a long time, carefully pick them up and use them.
  17. Also, do not touch electrical objects with bare feet and wet hands and wet clothes.
  18. If the water motor is in the yard, cover it with a plastic sheet.
  19. Touch any switchboard that is exposed to rainwater with a wooden stick, dry shoes, dry hands, or dry clothes.
  20. Never allow children to turn the water motor or other switches on or off.
  21. Ladies take special care while working in the kitchen and using electric home appliances and do not be completely careless.
  22. Also, tread carefully on wet floors.
  23. Take special care of the elderly in your household to ensure that their walking area is dry, if they are very weak, insist them to walk with a cane.
  24. If there are any pets in the house or in the shed, arrange a dry and clean place for livestock.

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