New powerful antibiotic discovered from potato

After several years of research, European experts have succeeded in discovering a new powerful antibiotic from the most common vegetable used worldwide, the potato.

After many years of research, experts have discovered a powerful antibiotic hidden in potato disease-causing bacteria or insects, which they named ‘solanimycin’.

According to the research in the medical journal ‘M Bio’, after many years of hard work, European experts have discovered a powerful antibiotic present in potato spoilage bacteria that not only kills the disease in vegetables, fruits and plants. It can also be used to treat human skin diseases and scabies in general.

According to the report, experts researched the special ingredients found in tomatoes, Dickeya solani, which is found in more quantities in potatoes than in tomatoes.

The above ingredients were first discovered in tomatoes a decade ago by experts and then experts suspected that the same ingredients would also be present in potatoes and later this fear was proved to be correct.

Experts researched the above-mentioned ingredients on the bacteria ‘oocydin A’ that infects or damages potatoes, from which they found a powerful antibiotic.

These bacteria cause severe damage to potatoes, but the same bacteria also contain powerful compounds that can kill other fruit, vegetable and plant diseases.

Experts have given ‘solanimycin’, an antibiotic discovered from potato disease bacteria, to successfully treat ‘fungus’ that infects plants, fruits and vegetables, as well as humans. can

Experts made it clear that more research is needed on the matter, but experts are hopeful that the antibiotic discovered in potato spoilage bacteria will benefit humans as well as plants.

Dr. Amjad Hayyat


Medical specialist

Makhdoom medical complex, Sargodha, Pakistan

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