Toxic chemical in cans products and effects

What are toxic chemicals?

The chemicals which have the toxic effect on the living organisms are called the toxic chemicals.

Chemical in cans

Biphenyl A (BPA)

The biphenyl is the toxic chemical which cause a number of serious effects in the human body during the use for eating purpose when food put in the cans it enter into the food in small amount.

A food cans also contains the some compound which drop the serious effect on the life like it contain the biphenyl-A which causing the serious birth defects and also on the developmental stages it is more risky as well as it is reported as a new information from the institute of the Oakland center of environmental health. This center also tested still almost 250 food cans in the 9 different states which are the face these problems

How toxic chemicals of cans enter into the body?

The mostly we eat the packing foods like grocery which includes the cold drinks, biscuits, cocked foods dried fruits. Shakes as well as the number of daily routine we have face to the packing products in the homes like kitchen freezer and shopping bags as well.

For the sake of rape the food and the drinking products which are need to store the food and drinks for the long time or for the short time and also which is needed publicly on the daily bases from the store to their homes and or from one place to other place we normally required hand carry source which help about these  so for that we normally used the polythene bags which are not recyclable.

Daily Use of cans products

  1. Home
  2. Kitchen
  3. Health
  4. Style
  5. Beauty
  6. Gifts
  7. Deals

 Possible side effects

  • It cause the Poisoning.
  • It also cause the Nausea and vomiting
  • Reason of Headache
  • Causes of Skin rashes as well as dermatitis
  • The Chemical burns
  • The defects of births
  • The live, Lungs and kidney disorders
  • Disorders of the Nervous

Dangers of canned food

The account details challenging on extra than two hundred and fifty canned, foods, result that closely 40 percent of the cans comprehend the BPA, a biochemical that  become the reason of the birth disorders and had been connected to the breast cancer prostate- cancer, diabetes, fatness, heart infection and extra serious fitness problems.

Contamination effects in the humans

More possessions of the chemicals and humans Chemical contamination has numerous negative effects counting

  • It increased, risk of cancer
  • The disturbances of our hormone system
  • The nervous system
  • The reproductive system
  • It also increased risk of miscarriage and birth defects
  • Cause the Poisoning
  • Reason of Nausea as well as vomiting
  • Headache problems
  • Problems of Skin rashes like dermatitis
  • Defects of then chemical burning
  • Serious Birth defects
  • Serious Disorders of the lung kidney and liver
  • Nervous system disorders

How to prevent from cane toxicity

  • Must follow the proper techniques of canning
  • If we judge any contamination in food must remove it completely and does not use it
  • There is not be introduce the any bacteria in the canned food, which cause health problems
  • The food must be sterile
  • The can which we use must be  free from the toxic chemicals [1]The Effect of Canned Products on Human Body | Asian Journal of Applied Sciences ( [2]NoSilverLiningBPAReport.pdf (

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