Does eating cucumber is beneficial in ulcers

An ulcer is a condition in which the lining of the gut becomes sore. A healthy gut is a sign of a healthy life. But in the case of ulcer, this does not happen, i.e. burning in the stomach, nausea and feeling as if the stomach is full of food and pain in the stomach. This does not make life normal.

And such a patient has to take some measures to keep his normal life, which will reduce his suffering and then it will end gradually. He/she has to change his diet from medicines prescribed by the doctor and be careful in diet plan..

Cucumber is beneficial in ulcers

People who suffer from ulcers are very careful about eating. They avoid things made of oil and like to eat foods that will relieve them of this problem.

As far as eating cucumber is concerned, it is a fruit that contains a lot of water, and its pH is slightly acidic, not so strong that it hurts the stomach or increases the pain of ulcers.

That is, if you have ulcer in the esophagus or stomach, eating cucumber will not harm you. The benefit is that it does not cause irritation to the wounds that are in the alimentary canal. That is, the wounds do not get scratched due to cucumber, and these wounds get time to heal.

How to eat cucumber in ulcer?

If you have an ulcer, you should eat cucumber before eating food and eat cucumber in large quantities so that it reduces the acidic environment in the stomach and by doing this, the pain will be reduced.

People who are allergic to cucumber or suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) should not eat cucumber.

Reviewed by:

Dr. Amjad Hayyat


Medical specialist

Makhdoom medical complex, Sargodha, Pakistan

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