Our Experts and Reviewers

Following are some our experts and reviews that are available for reviewing each articles before publishing. 

Details are below: 

1. Dr. Madeeha Arshad

Dr. Madeeha arshad

Dr. Madeeha Arshad is a distinguished scholar and researcher who holds a Ph.D. in Zoology and is a HEC Approved Supervisor. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Zoology at the University of Education Lahore, where she has over 3.10 years of postgraduate teaching experience. Dr. Arshad’s academic career is distinguished by her dedication to research, as seen by her supervision of 07 MPhil research students and active participation in international conferences. She has made major contributions to the scientific literature through papers on the effects of environmental pollutants on prenatal development and the therapeutic potential of natural extracts in toxicity reduction.

Dr. Madeeha Arshad has conducted 08 seminars in addition to her academic achievements, demonstrating her commitment to information transmission. Her seminars include a wide range of topics, demonstrating her competence and proactive attitude to building a stimulating academic environment. Dr. Madeeha Arshad emerges as a vibrant educator, researcher, and mentor, exemplifying excellence in Zoology and making significant contributions to the advancement of students and the scientific community as a whole.

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2. Dr. Rabia Yaqoob

Dr. Rabia Yaqoob

Dr. Rabia Yaqoob is a renowned Zoologist and Ecologist who also holds the rare status of HEC Approved Supervisor. She has emerged as a renowned personality in the subject of Zoology, owing to her notable academic background. Dr. Yaqoob’s competence is shown in her substantial research contributions, which include 31 academic papers. Her dedication to knowledge advancement is further evidenced by her active position as a supervisor, training prospective researchers with the consent of the Higher Education Commission.

Dr. Yaqoob’s research papers, in addition to her supervisory function, encompass a wide range of themes, demonstrating her breadth and depth of expertise in Zoology. Her prodigious output demonstrates a deep involvement with scientific inquiry and a commitment to providing useful insights to the academic community. Dr. Rabia Yaqoob is a well-known figure in the field of Zoology, with contributions spanning research, supervision, and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the Life Sciences.